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Appbid Analytics gives publishers a complete picture of all their data, tracking every impression across mobile, video and display, Setting optimal floor pricing in real-time. Helping publishers receive the TRUE VALUE of their inventory

Dynamic Floor Pricing

Our technology helps publishers maximize the value of every impression. We Increase profits by allowing the leading ad exchanges to compete on your impressions, in real time with Machine learning optimization.

Our system studies your sold ad auctions, selects the highest paying exchange and sets the optimal opt-in price on the right network for each impression of each user to make sure that you will achieve a notable uplift in revenue. All this happens in milliseconds.

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The Power of personalization
The right Exchange. With the right price.

Sit back, and let Appbid boost your ROI with automated machine learning Yield Optimisation. Appbid works across all major RTB exchanges and demand sources, to ensure maximum revenue to our publishers.


has never been easier.

One tag, connects you to the entire programmatic ecosystem, Appbid analyses each user, and assigns the best paying exchange for him, for any impression each time an impression occurs.


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